Symptoms of Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)

Auditory Processing Disorder is actually an umbrella term that describes various subtypes that effect how the brain perceives and processes what the ears hear.  No two people with APD are alike and symptoms will vary from child to child.  But, these individuals all have various challenges with everyday listening due to problems in the accurate and efficient transmission of auditory information important to speech perception.

Common Symptoms of APD 

  • Frequently ask  ”huh?” or “what?” and often need information repeated
  • Trouble understanding in noisy environments
  • Difficulty following multi-step directions
  • Poor spelling skills
  • Poor reading fluency and reading comprehension
  • Trouble hearing the differences between sounds in words.
  • Poor phonological awareness skills such as sound-symbol relationships, recognizing and integrating a sequence of sounds into words, and identifying the beginning, middle, and ending sounds of words
  • Poor memory for lists of words and numbers
  • Difficulty with complex language such as word problems
  • Difficulty with directing, sustaining, or dividing attention
  • Trouble remembering spoken information
  • Easily distracted or bored when conversations or activities do not include visuals
  • Difficulty finding the right words to use
  • Slow or delayed responses to verbal instructions
  • Misinterpretation of questions
  • Articulation errors that persist longer than they should
  • Distractible, especially when background noise is present
  • Difficulty following classroom discussions, or making off-topic contributions
  • Inability to sing in tune and poor musical ability
  • Difficulty understanding riddles and jokes or interpreting words too literally
  • Misinterpret sarcasm or tone of voice and get feelings hurt easily
  • Become frustrated with certain tasks. (i.e. saying “I don’t understand,” “I can’t do this,” or “I don’t know what you mean” )

For symptoms for a specific age group click below:
Preschool & Kindergarten Children
Elementary School Children
College Age / Young Adults

  • Up to 43% of Children with Learning Difficulties Have Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)
  • 25% of Children with Learning Difficulties Have APD and Dyslexia
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