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Fast ForWord is an internet based program using patented technology developed by neuroscientists to improve the fundamental cognitive skills of memory, attention, auditory processing, and sequencing, while simultaneously improving reading and learning skills.

Many children with auditory processing disorder, dyslexia, and language delays have a weakness in auditory temporal processing (the ability to perceive the rapidly changing acoustic features of speech). This affects the child’s ability to process the sequence of auditory stimuli and timing cues.  If a child cannot hear the first few milliseconds of a sound, many sounds will sound alike. The child will have difficulty discriminating the fast sounds of speech (such as recognizing voiced and voiceless sound distinctions in the words “big” and “pig” or subtle differences in where the sounds are made such as “big” and “dig”).   It will be hard to distinguish when one sound ends and another begins.  The child may not be able to hear all the sounds in blends or be able to determine which sound came first (such as being able to perceive the “t” prior to the “s” in the word “fits” rather than “fist”).

Fast ForWord is designed to treat the underlying neuroprocessing impairment by helping the brain reorganize itself and form new neural connections.  The words and sentences used in the games have been acoustically altered to stretch and emphasize the rapidly changing phonetic elements within natural speech. As the child makes progress, the speech sounds are less stretched and eventually presented at a normal rate.

Fast ForWord utilizes our brain’s ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections. Since aspects of our brain are changeable or “plastic,” auditory neural pathways and synapses in the brain change as a result of the sensory input and intensive training (called neuroplasticity). This leads to dramatic improvements in auditory processing, language, and reading.

Fast ForWord exercises develop critical brain processing efficiency in four key areas:

  1. Improves memory by having the student hold a statement or question in working memory while retrieving picture-concept associations from long-term memory.
  2. Improves attention by developing the ability to focus on multiple tasks and ignore distractions.
  3. Strengthens auditory and linguistic processing rates so that students can distinguish sounds quickly enough to discriminate individual phonemes and understand words and sentences.
  4. Develops sequencing skills through exercises that require the use of a logical word order to comprehend simple and complex instructions and organize a response that follows the specified sequence of actions.


Fast ForWord requires professional oversight and is managed and monitored on site at Auditory Processing Center while exercises are implemented off-site five days a week through a computer or iPad with an internet connection.  At Auditory Processing Center, if Fast ForWord is recommended, it is only part of comprehensive therapy services for auditory processing disorder.  Ongoing support is provided through Auditory Processing Center throughout the child’s participation in the Fast ForWord Program. This enables us to serve as a personal trainer to ensure that each child’s individual needs are met for any areas he/she may be struggling with in order for the child to make the maximum amount of progress in the shortest amount of time possible.

We offer different service packages based on each child’s needs with weekly or biweekly progress reports, individualized feedback with additional tips and strategies to facilitate progress, and extra help sessions when needed.  For more information on Fast ForWord and our service packages contact us at 601-488-4189 or


  • Up to 43% of Children with Learning Difficulties Have Auditory Processing Disorder (APD)
  • 25% of Children with Learning Difficulties Have APD and Dyslexia
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